PicklePetunia Made: A Sweet Surprise

Last Friday, I was craving a cupcake. Not just any cupcake, but one from Butter Lane, the bakery that should be opening in Park Slope any day now. I settled for a sugar cookie and while I was eating it, my buzzer rang. I wasn't expecting anyone and when I looked out the window I didn't see any Fedex or UPS trucks. When I asked who it was on the intercom, someone said "A box from Simone." Unsure what that meant, I hesitated before buzzing the person in, wondering what my friend had sent me.

Simone, my lovely, serene friend with the coolest New Zealand accent and two of the cutest little kids, must have sensed I was needing some sweets. She sent me a surprise from PicklePetunia Made, a Brooklyn bakery started by her friend Annie Gallo. Annie has a full-time job, two young children and runs PicklePetunia on the side, handling every aspect of the business—from baking to delieveries—herself.  She uses the best local and organic ingredients and makes brownies, muffins, granola, bread and gluten-free goodies, too.

Most girls get giddy over a dozen roses or a surprise shipment from their favorite clothing store, but hand me a beautiful box with a sunny "Baked with Love" label brimming with mini cookies and I'll go weak in the knees. I'm serious. I was like a three-year old who had just been given the world's coolest fire truck.

I sampled Petunia'O's, Annie's take on Oreos which were brawnier than the classic cookie but still as comforting and sweet; shortbread with orange and Earl Grey which were perfect with a cup of tea; soft and wobbly rose lime marshmallows which were the prettiest shade of pink; alfajores-pies, cakey cookie sandwiches with dulce de leche, a fun and less saccharine twist on whoopie pies; and salted peanut butter and chocolate cookies whose deep flavor and crunchy texture made them my favorite.

I'm always so inspired by Brooklyn entrepreneurs like Annie and wish I was brave enough to start something of my own. Maybe some day I will, but for now I'm happy to spread the word about amazing small businesses such as this.

Annie's treats are available through Etsy and on her website and she's offering my readers a 10% discount: use the code LPIGLET when you place your order. If you're shipping within New York City, use the code NYCDELIVERY for free delivery, but note that this can only be used on Etsy.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to visit Annie's site for the 78th time to decide what I want to try next.

*Unfortunately, the original version of this post was deleted during Blogger's blackout on Thursday, so I just put it up again. I know many people had shared it on Facebook and I'm sorry that your friends were most likely led to a broken page, but it's all fixed now.

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