Summer Scoops and Places to Play

It's official. Nico's addicted to sweets. I guess I shouldn't be surprised—I am too. On Mother's Day, he said to me and my Mom: "I have a great idea! We can get an ice cream or donut today. Which do you prefer?" He paused, then said: "Actually, I prefer ice cream because it's such a sunny day!" (Actually is one of his favorite words. Usually is another.)

With the weather being so nice lately, he's been asking for ice cream a lot. And he's learned that blaming his cravings on the sun usually works. I'm picky about sweets, so he knows I won't settle for a scoop of Mister Softee. He kind of stares longingly at those trucks sometimes, but doesn't even ask me to stop. He knows that I prefer special ice cream parlors.

I shared some of my favorites on Mommy Poppins today, plus fun places to play nearby.

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