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A Blogger outage followed by a bachelorette party last week slowed me down a bit and the dreary weather we have in New York right now isn't helping matters. The photos above are from a lovely Sunday we spent at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens a few weeks ago. I can't wait for more warm spring days like that one. And I really hope all this end of the world talk is bogus, because I have a very important wedding to attend in June. Considering how much fun I had toasting the bride-to-be with 17 hilarious ladies on Saturday night, I know we're all in for a very good time.

I hope to be up and running again with some new posts soon, but for now, here are a few links I've been meaning to share.

Jordan Ferney is a blogger who is spending the year in France with her family of four. All of her posts are making me so nostalgic for the city I lived in for almost a year and I wish I could whisk my family away to these tulip fields right now.

Her sister Gabrielle also moved her family to France this year, and the house they're renting in Normany looks incredible. This photo of her cruising through the airport with her 6 (!) kids makes taking two little boys to Brazil seem like a piece of cake.

I'm already having trouble keeping up with all online design mags out there and now I have a new one to add to the list.

I think I mentioned that I kind of like Glee. I lied. I love it. And just like my Dancing with the Stars obsession (which I'm happy to report is over), I'm thinking about buying tickets to this. Does that make me a Gleek and a Glerd? 

On the rare occasion that we order in, we always want Thai. We mixed things up a few weeks ago and tried this new risotto place in Windsor Terrace. The two we tried (sweet gorgonzola, apple and arugula; and broccoli rabe, garlic and sweet sausage) hit the spot and if I didn't have a big pot of soup in my frige, I'd be trying them again tonight.

During Lent, I saved a bunch of dessert recipes I want to make. This pound cake, these chocolate cupcakes and these carrot ones are at the top of the list (and I found them all on The Wednesday Chef).

I've been making this granola for the past few years, but now I want to try every single one of these.

Based on today's weather report, it won't be warm and sunny till Sunday. Good timing, considering the inaugural NYC Food Truck Rally will be taking place at Grand Army Plaza that day.

Last week, I was craving cupcakes. Today, I really want donuts and I wish the Brindle Room was just a little bit closer because their cakey donuts sound amazing.

See you soon!

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