Taking the boys to Brazil

We're going to Brazil this summer. I'm excited to sip cold coconut water, fresh juice, caipirinhas, choppinhos, go to my favorite places for breakfast, eat sweets in the street, listen to samba, add new places to my list of favorite bars and restaurants in Rio, and more. The last time I was in Brazil, Nico was just 8 months old. He crawled for the first time in his grandfather's house in Bahia. Now he sings songs in Portuguese and is a big brother. I can't wait to see him and Leo on the beach together.


Tea Joeli said...

cute blog and pics:)



Anne Stesney said...

Lucky ducks! What a great adventure for your kids.

Lia said...

Thanks, Tea Joeli!

Anne, they are lucky ducks. I didn't get to go anywhere nearly as cool until I was much older!


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