Água de coco, I miss you

Vacation is such a tease. You slow down, relax, and somehow manage to forget about the stressful life you usually lead. Then you get home and there's a car that needs to be moved every few days, a gazillion emails to sift through, piles of bills to pay, meals you have to make yourself, and workouts that are waiting to happen. By now I have four things on that list under control, but the whole gym thing has been especially tricky.

Why was it so easy just a few weeks ago to get to the gym at 7am and now it's next to impossible? It's still right around the corner, just a mere 25 feet away, and Matt, Al, Meredith and Ann are still there to cheer me on when I have five minutes left on the stepmill and really want to quit.

Oh that's right. There isn't any água de coco.

Whenever Daniel and I are in Rio, we try to start our mornings with a 2.5 mile run along this beachside road.

And this is always our reward when we're done.

Mild and slightly sweet, there's really no better post-workout treat than an água de coco. It's what gets me to the "gym" whenever I'm in Rio. As soon as Daniel and I reach posto 12 in Leblon, we order two, bem gelada, and take leisurely sips as our pounding hearts slow down and a salty breeze cools us off. Daniel always likes to tell me how água de coco is isotonic -- a natural Gatorade if you will -- which might be another reason I like it so much.

Tomorrow morning I'll try to get my gym routine going again. I'll work out for an hour and then head home for a cup of tea and one of my two usual breakfasts. But I'd rather run down a beach in Rio and reward myself with an água de coco when I'm done. Wouldn't you?

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Kate said...

No kidding!! Who wouldn't??

Well, I may walk as running isn't as easy for me, but my usual walking pace is pretty darn fast and well deserving of that delicious looking treat!

Judith said...

It's so fun to see photos not all that different from photos I was snapping myself just five months ago. I have been seeing bottled agua de coco in some stores around town, but there is something novel about drinking from the actual coco.

April said...

That was a short, fun read Lia! And wow - I can't even imagine working out on vaca - kudos to you both. I guess when there is beauty smack in front of you while you work out can't be all that bad.

Elle said...

Hi Lia! I admit with all honesty I am not a fan of coconut water. But reading your blog makes me crave it. I always see my parents buy coconuts down here in Miami and crack them open to fill a pitcher for the next couple of days. The look of enjoyment in their faces lets you know how much they not only enjoy the water, but how it reminds them of a time when they were young and lived in Cuba enjoying coconut water on a hot summer day on the island as they strolled along the beach! Of course I am sure that coconuts in Florida can not compare to those in Cuba or Brazil, but for a person who loves it, they will settle for it just to have that great taste of refreshment and bring back so many sweet memories

Elle (James Girlfriend!)

Patricia Scarpin said...

Hi, Lia!

I couldn't agree with you more: água de coco is delicious!
So refreshing and nutritious, it's the perfect drink any moment.

Sometimes I even have água de coco when I'm having lunch - it's the boxed type, not as good as the "straight from the coconut" one, but much better than soft drinks and some juices.

Oh, and tks for visiting my blog, I really liked it! :D

Lia said...

Kate, on days when Daniel and I haven't worked out, I still like to drink agua de coco. It's really great at just about any time!

Glad you liked it, April! I have so many more photos and stories to share from Brazil but just haven't been able to find the time. I think keeping them short and sweet like this might be the only way I'll ever get around to it.

Elle, thanks for stopping by! I think you should go for a run with James and then give agua de coco another try :) And I bet they don't taste that different in Miami!

Patricia, it really is so good. And I love your blog and will definitely be reading it regularly. It'll help me keep my Portuguese from getting rusty.

Lia said...

Judith, I just realized that I never responded to you on my last comment. I'm glad you're enjoying the photos. There's many more to come.


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