Butter Lane

I've been meaning to write a post all day since my last one was old news after 3pm. But I spent the day in the city seeing Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Musical with Nico. After the show, the cast came out and answered some questions. Some kids wanted to know why they added things that hadn't been in the book or how they designed the set. When Nico had a chance to ask a question, he said to Trixie, his favorite character, "Do you like ice cream?"

After, we walked over to the East Village cupcake shop Butter Lane to pick up some sweets to bring to lunch with Daniel, Leo and our friends Orrin and Alyson. It's a cute and cozy place that smells heavenly and all of the ones we bought were delicious, especially the banana with chocolate hazelnut frosting which I split with Ginger who lives around the corner and is the person who first introduced me to Butter Lane. Hoping to keep Nico from having a cupcake until after lunch, I bought him slices of fresh mango at a bodega nearby. He had a few pieces before the whole container toppled over, spilling onto the sidewalk. He ended up with a chocolate cupcake with chocolate icing that he refused to share. We made Magnolia cupcakes together last week, and they were good, but it made me realize that I still have no idea how to properly ice them. I loved the ones at Butter Lane and just saw on their website that they offer classes. They're sold out through August, but I still want to give one a try.

 Now I'm trying to watch the Oscars which have been kind of weird so far, but I guess these awards shows always are. James Franco, for one, doesn't seem too excited to be there. The Kirk Douglas bit was bizarre. Anne Hathaway could carry the show on her own in my opinion and Mila Kunis has the best dress. I'm hoping it gets better, otherwise, I'm going to bed soon and will catch up on all the winners tomorrow. 

Butter Lane
123 East 7th Street
East Village, Manhattan


Anonymous said...

Did you meet anyone cool in the east village?

Lia said...

Why yes, I did! In fact, I just updated the post to include a very cool person I'd forgotten to mention.

Leana B said...

Did you see my friend, Luke, win?

Lia said...

Leana, I have to admit I stopped paying attention about halfway through. What category? That's very cool!


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