Mondays at Eataly

I have a few things to tell you today, but not much time, so I'll be quick.

1. If you haven't been to Eataly yet, it's time to change that.

2. If you haven't heard of Eataly, I'll assume you don't live in NY. It's been called an Italian emporium. A temple. A foodie mecca. A culinary funhouse (my favorite). Intrigued? Catch up here.

3. If you plan to visit, here's some advice. Go on a Monday night. I've spent a few Mondays there and it's always been somewhat calm and easy to float from place to place. From what I've heard, the weekends are Crazy with a capital C.

4. If you can't decide which restaurant to try once you're there, start at Le Verdure. Don't let the all-vegetable menu scare you. Order the bruschetta. Piled high with roasted Brussels sprouts or acorn squash with sage and butter, each piece will be brawny and require a knife and fork. Le Verdure's the closest thing to this place that I've found in New York. 

5. If you're a food blogger, remember to take photos at the beginning of the night. If you forget your camera, make sure to go with a friend who has an iPhone and make her take photos for you. If possible, make her take pictures when you get there, not at the end of your night.

6. If it's late and you're full and should be going home, end your visit at Caffe Lavazza. Trust me, even if I drink mostly decaf and recently admitted to not knowing much about espresso.

7. If you're lucky, you'll meet Mike, one of Manhattan's friendliest baristas and after you order a cappuccino, a torinese (espresso with chocolate and foam), and a teeny tiny apricot pastry to split three ways, he'll surprise you with samples of hot chocolate that's so thick you'll need a spoon, homemade whipped cream and a cross between a semifreddo and sorbet that you think was called an espressocrema.

8. If you're really lucky, a lady will walk by with a samples of chocolate panettone.

9. If you're crazy, you'll chase after her and ask for seconds.

200 5th Ave at 23rd Street


AC said...

And if you're REALLY lucky, you'll laugh as much as we did over a (far too small) bottle of rose. So great seeing you last night! Good thing Mike recognized you from your blog - he really hooked it up.

Karlyn said...

I can't believe I managed to fall asleep after all that coffee and chocolate! Franny's next?!


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