Mini Pie Maker

If you follow food trends, you might have heard that cupcakes are so 2010. It's all about pie now, people. Considering how much time I've been spending at Dub Pies and Four & Twenty Blackbirds lately, these food forecasters seem to be on to something. If I lived somewhere that didn't have such good options, I would have begged for Breville's mini pie maker for Christmas. A machine that can make four pies (sweet or savory!) in eight minutes sounds pretty awesome to me. Apparently, others agree since I can't find a single site that has it in stock. I don't have space for another kitchen gadget and clearly don't need more reasons to eat pie, but I still signed up to get notified when it's available again. Just in case.

Photos from Williams-Sonoma


adriana casey said...

Very cool. But really, who has space for all these gadgets? The Cooking Channel currently has a special on pies from around the world- check it out. :)

Lia said...

I definitely don't have the space! Thanks for The Cooking Channel rec. I'll look for it.


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