Nespresso CitiZ, You Complete Me

When our French press broke in November, we started considering a fancier machine. Daniel suggested something from Nespresso. I shot down his idea on the spot. I'm not even a big coffee drinker. I mostly drink decaf and have no problem downing a latte after dinner. Still, I can be picky about these things. Nespresso just seemed so mass produced. I didn't want to buy coffee in capsules for a machine called the CitiZ. That uppercase Z totally weirded me out. It still does. I cringed as I capitalized it for the title of this post. Oh, and George Clooney is Nespresso's brand ambassador. He's very handsome and all, but come on.

Then we spent Thanksgiving with our friends Doug and Karlyn. After dinner, Doug made each of us a homemade cappuccino using his cool Illy machine. They were wonderful, but he spent about a half hour on them. After cooking for us all day. It looked like a lot of work. Daniel just needs a quick jolt of caffeine in the morning and I'm happy with a cold glass of milk.

When December rolled around, Daniel hadn't replaced his French press and I was trying to think of a good Christmas present for him. Secretly, I started reading Nespresso reviews online. Almost everyone, people who seem to know a lot about coffee than I do, gave it rave reviews. One former barista turned food blogger even proclaimed: "The Nespresso CitiZ produces a perfect cup of espresso, one that rivals the depth and quality of the product that is served in European restaurants." Say whaaaaaat?

He went on to explain that the key to perfect espresso is the amount of pressure produced in the process. Most machines produce 15 bars while the pump-driven Nespresso produces 19. The result? A perfect cup of espresso with a golden layer of crema. Educating myself about the machine helped me swallow my pride. Quickly.

I decided to buy the Nespresso CitiZ D120. When Daniel tried to slip a small stovetop espresso maker into our cart at Ikea a few days later, I convinced him to put it back on the shelf. Dreaming about cappuccinos on Christmas morning, I forced him to open his present on Christmas Eve. We've been treating ourselves to fancy-pants drinks ever since.

Our mornings start early and are almost always a three-ring circus. Making a latte or cappuccino with the touch of two buttons is soothing. The milk frother is my favorite part of all and it's magical. It comes with two attachments: a whisk that makes a thick, puffy froth that needs to be scooped out with a spoon; the other one produces warm, foamy milk that's perfect for lattes or a cup of tea. Even Nico's a fan. I made this syrup the other day now that he regularly requests hot chocolate. There's also a cold froth option that will get a lot of use this summer, I'm sure.

I still don't know much about espresso, but during a rare moment of silence yesterday while Nico and Leo were napping, I started flipping through a manual called The Art of Espresso that came with our machine. I have a long way to go, but slowly, I'm learning a thing or two.


Ana said...

Lia, I tried to like this coffee made with a black Le Cube (which heats the cups) and then a red CitiZ.
I also bought the unit that makes milk foam.
But I do not like espresso coffee.
However, I must admit: a Nespresso makes our kitchen "decor" more beautiful!

Ciao Fluffy said...

Maybe it's time to replace the Illy? ;)

J.A. Torrisi said...

Lia, I guess I didn't tell you that we got a "Nespresso" machine for Christmas. That surprises me since I have been evangelizing this product to anyone who will listen. I shared your distrust because it seemed to oversimplify something that was meant to be a process if done correctly. How could it make a true espresso through a plastic capsule? How wrong I was. It is now one of my first thoughts each morning after Hudson and April. Ours is the Essenza, bulky in comparison to your CitiZ, but slick and half the size of our last coffee maker with espresso brewer. Fair to say that it's changed my morning routine forever.

- Josh

Anne Stesney said...

I never wanted an expresso maker until I read this post. Nespresso should send you a freebie.

Lia said...

Ana, you're right. Our CitiZ does look really nice in our kitchen.

Ciao Fluffy, I think it is time. I know Doug makes you a cappuccino every morning, so save the guy some time, would you? :)

Josh, no you didn't tell me! I'm not surprised since it was your father-in-law who first introduced me to Nespresso. My FIL is a big fan, too. I was skeptical even after they both praised their machines, but have finally seen the light.

Anne, you should write a post about how you want one now and maybe they'll send one to you!

katia said...

Just saw the Green Hornet last night, and even if you hate that sort of thing, you must see the coffee machine scene. The sidekick, Kato, has devised some sort of crazy sexy coffee maker that makes the perfect cup of coffee and it is some of the best film eye candy I've seen in so long. Sigh. And now I have to add the D120 to my wish list.

Lia said...

Katia, are you sure it wasn't a Nespresso? :)

Ted Irving said...

Well if you are keen, you can read more reviews of the Nespresso Citiz at my blog at Nespresso Citiz Reviews.

We review all the models like the C110, D90/S1 and many more!

Anonymous said...

Great review. Josh told me about your blog post. After reading your post, I decided to buy the same model.

Lia said...

Anonymous, I hope you like it! I'm still in love with mine.


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