Little Piglet List: Three Cookbooks

When I was pregnant with Leo, I started a book club with a group of moms. For our first meeting, we read a book about the Taj Mahal and ordered Indian food. Unlike other book clubs I'd been in, this one was serious. We always talked about the book. We usually hung out together with our kids and had choppy conversations about naps and discipline. It was refreshing to talk without interruptions about other topics. When some other friends heard about that book club, they decided to form one. Inspired to read a lot, I joined as well. We talked a bit about the book the first month, but by our second gathering, we focused more on the wine and food. By the time Leo was born, I could barely even start a book. One of the groups slowly dissolved around the same time and last month, I took an indefinite leave of absence from the other. For now, I'm focusing on cookbooks. On iVillage this week, I shared three of my current favorites.

In other news, I recently started writing for baby gooroo, a parenting site that covers pregnancy, breastfeeding, nutrition, news and more. Founded by Amy Spangler who has written a number of books about breastfeeding, it's a straightforward site that's easy to navigate and full of really helpful information about babies and young children. 

Fresh Picks is  a new weekly feature I'm writing that explains how to select, store and serve fruits and vegetables. The first one was about apricots. Today, I'm sharing ideas for cauliflower. Now that Leo's eating solids, I plan to refer to all of them a lot. In fact, I've been meaning to make a roasted cauliflower recipe I referred to this week for a while. Bon Appetit describes it as vegetable candy. I hope this is the weekend I finally do it.


Rocky Mountain Woman said...

I stumbled on your blog by chance, and just had to tell you how cool it is!

Oh and btw, my book club can drink your book club under the table!


I'll be back when I have some time to look around..



Lia said...

Thanks, Rocky Mountain Woman! That's so nice to hear. And I bet your book club could drink both of mine under the table! Definitely come back when you have time to look around. I'd love to hear your thoughts.


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