Windsor Terrace is Waiting, Blue Marble

Obviously I was excited when Lia's Ices first opened in Windsor Terrace. For one, I loved their sign. It felt like a place just for me, complete with smiley sweets. Close to Prospect Park and The Pavilion, it was on quiet side street with a few benches. I could sit while Nico played on the sidewalk, ice cream dripping down his arms. On occasion, we'd strike up a conversation with another family. In a big, busy city, benches work wonders at bringing people together. I really wanted to love the place. We shared a name after all, but everything I tried was kind of blah, including the soups and smoothies. The gelato always seemed sort of runny and while I ate my fair share of rainbow Italian ices when I was little, food coloring freaks me out these days.

It's always sad to see a local business go away, but it's a little less upsetting if another takes its place. I'm crossing my fingers for Blue Marble. Their ice cream is the best in Brooklyn if you ask me. The strawberry is tart, not too sweet, and one of my favorite things in the summer, or on a snowy, winter day. Dark chocolate, root beer, and peach are also out of this world. They closed their Atlantic Avenue location a few months ago, a place with where lines regularly ran out the door. I hear their landlord raised the rent, so maybe a former refreshment shack would be more budget-friendly?

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