Striped Walls

Our camera broke while we were in Brazil and we haven't gotten around to getting it fixed which is one reason I haven't been blogging much lately. The other reason is that any free minute I have, I end up searching for inspiring images on Pinterest or clicking through a digital design magazine. There's so much I want to do with our new place and I could spend hours online looking for ideas.

A few weeks ago, I was talking about wallpaper for Nico and Leo's room. We ordered all sorts of samples, from jellyfish patterns to vinyl red circles from Marimekko. I even asked for all of your opinions, but then we scratched the whole wallpaper plan last week. It seemed too pricey and a lot of work. My new plan is to paint some bright stripes on their super white walls.

I ripped this photo out of Domino Magazine a few years ago. The bedroom belongs to Jenna Lyons's son. Jenna is the creative director of J. Crew and her beautiful Brooklyn brownstone has been featured in many publications.

Her kitchen inspired me to go with dark blue cabinets in mine. (More on that another day.) Painting stripes on the ceiling sounds like a lot of work, but I love the way it looks.

My old bedroom was the prettiest shade of blue and while it would have worked well in a bedroom for two little boys, I wanted to go with something more unique for Nico and Leo. Still, these thick blue stripes keep making me rethink that decision.

But of all the striped walls I've seen lately, these are my favorite. Probably because they were made with Japanese washi tape and cost just $30. As the designer behind them explains, they're the way to go if you don't have the patience to paint and the budget for wallpaper. Bingo! I think I might finally have a winner. Cute Tape has a good selection of washi tape, so now I just need to pick a color and get going. I'll report back with the results as soon as our camera is fixed!

Images 1: Habitually Chic, 2: Julia Lynn and Squire Fox via Design Sponge, 3: Libbie Grove Design


Tara Walker said...

Oh my word! I lOVE stripes. Never get tired of them. I painted horizontal stripes in my bathroom - where the inset for my sink is. I painted robins egg blue and a camel color. Each one is about 12 inches deep. I love it! Happy striping!!

Lia said...

Tara, robin's egg blue and caramel stripes sound lovely. I'm so excited to finally add a fun pop of color to their room and stripes just seem right.


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