Bike-sharing in Paris

Did you know that Paris has a bike-sharing system—the biggest in the world—with over 20,000 bikes at 1,800 bike stations? I had no idea since they certainly didn't have this when I lived there there 13 years ago. Jordan Ferney, an American blogger who's spending a year in Paris with her husband and two little boys wrote about it today and included tons of good tips. Vélib' sounds like the coolest public transportation system ever and I wish we had something like it here in New York. If I were planning a trip to Paris right now, I'd be so excited to ride bikes all around that beautiful city. Too bad I have no plans to visit anytime soon, but maybe you do?

Photos by Paul Ferney via Oh Happy Day


Judith said...

NYC is going to have a bike share program! http://a841-tfpweb.nyc.gov/bikeshare/. So you need not dream much longer.

Lia said...

I had no idea. So exciting!


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