10 Years (Part two)

Ten years ago last week, Daniel and I got married. I already wrote about our first wedding at City Hall, but this is the one that really made things feel official.  I wanted to dig up some photos to post here, but soon remembered that back then, in good ol' 2001, I was still dropping my film off at the pharmacy and waiting patiently for it to get developed. Luckily, I found the ones above in an article our friend Allison wrote for The Knot.

We got married three weeks after September 11th. A celebration like the one we had that night helped, at least a little, to heal all of our aching hearts. I don't think either of us will ever forget how lucky we felt that day. Not only to have found each other, but to be surrounded by so much love and encouragement. Right when it looked like rain would ruin our outdoor ceremony, the sun came out so we could stand at the edge of a marsh and say our vows. I shivered a lot and refused to wear Daniel's jacket, but it was worth it. The photos still take my breath away. Even with a modest budget, we managed to pull off a beautiful wedding with so may special touches thanks to our unbelievably helpful families and friends.

For our five year anniversary, we went back to the Catskills for a long weekend. And this year, to commemorate a whole decade as husband and wife, we spent two wonderful days on the North Fork of Long Island. As soon as I have a chance to go through our photos and jot down some notes, I'll put up a post about that. Until then, here's the post I wrote about our first trip the North Fork, just a few months before Nico was born.


Anne Stesney said...

Wow! What a gorgeous wedding.
Happy anniversary, Lia and Daniel. Here's to another 10 years!

Lia said...

Thanks Anne! It was a wonderful day.


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