Ricotta Gnocchi with Contessa Sauce

Leave it to Lidia Bastianich to know just what to do with 1.5 pounds of fresh ricotta. Thanks to her, Daniel and I made Ricotta Gnocchi with Contessa Sauce on Saturday. It was at times a trying process, most likely because we had a 3-year old sous chef who's notorious for abandoning his duties to fill up containers with water or load kitchen appliances with Legos and a 10-month old who gets very feisty when he's hungry. We took turns rolling out the soft and sticky dough and cooking it was a family affair. Daniel plopped the gnocchi into the water and then I helped Nico fish them out with a skimmer while wearing Leo in the Ergo. It certainly wasn't the safest scenario and I'm sure we won't be landing a family cooking show anytime soon, but we all survived and our final product was ridiculously good.

With all that ricotta, a stick of butter, a cup of cream, a cup of Parmigiano-Reggiano, pine nuts and prosciutto, this is a decadent dish that'd be good for a big group to avoid the inevitable desire to eat multiple servings. Soft and fluffy, with a silky, soothing sauce, it makes kids and adults equally happy. In fact, it wasn't long before we were calling our gnocchi "little white pillows" and dreaming about how nice it'd be to use a bunch for a long nap.

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