Dreamy Dining Rooms

I can hardly believe it, but the apartment we think we're moving to has a real dining room. I've been staring at paint chips for days and still can't find the right color. One minute I'm leaning toward a sunny yellow and the next, I'm wishing the room had better light and could handle a deep purplish shade. Light blue and beige have been considered and today I'm realizing that white dining rooms with pops of color draw me in the most. If you have a dining room, what color did you paint it and why? I've been saving inspiring images and hope they'll help me make a decision. Above are a few of my favorites.

Photo Credits: #1 - Simon Bevan via Remodelista, #2 & #3 - Patrick Cline via Lonny, #4 - Tiny Water Photography via Rue, #5 - Alexandra Angle Interior Design via Thoughtful Day, #6 - Domino Magazine via Simply Hue


Anonymous said...

I had sunrise yellow walls with shear light blue curtains. Framed mirrors to capture more light and paintings of various wild flowers. Table, chairs and cabinets were all stained wood. earthy, comfortable and cheery. Though I could never pull it off, I do envy those who can manage white!

Lia said...

Anonymous, sunrise yellow walls sound so nice.. And I love blue and yellow together. I've been thinking about painting our bedroom white and then having blue and yellow accents.


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