Mango Chutney, Prosciutto and Paneer Pizza

Lately, while reading other food blogs, I find myself wondering: How on earth do all these people take such perfect photos of everything they make?

In my world, cooking tends to go like this. I start a recipe. Almost instantly, Nico decides it's time for us to play hide and seek. I play along because it keeps him occupied while I attempt to make a decent meal and our apartment is small enough where I can quickly leave a sauce simmering to go and find him (which isn't hard since he always lets out a devilish laugh whenever I come anywhere close to where he's hiding). Around the same time, Leo usually has a meltdown. The happiest baby as long as we're on the go, he's my 6-month old wannabe toddler who seems offended when I try to contain him in an exersaucer, bouncy chair or other baby-friendly device. Before you know it, Daniel needs to swoop in and take over. And play photographer, too.

That was the case the last time we made this pizza. He actually took a bunch of photos, but it was nighttime and there wasn't good, natural light. Not to mention that by the time this was ready, both of our children were finally in bed and we just wanted to eat.

So, I'm sorry the photo isn't better. But take my word for it. This pizza rules. I recently wrote about it for my blog on iVillage and you can get the full story and recipe there. We've been making it about once a week and if the Park Slope food coop hadn't stopped carrying paneer and I had mango chutney and prosciutto on hand all the time, I'd make it way more than that.

It's quick and easy, but feels kind of exotic. Growing up, I went through a pineapple pizza phase. With mango chutney and prosciutto, this is similar, but more sophisticated. Try it yourself and you'll see. And don't worry about taking photographs. Just eat.

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erica said...

Could this pizza look any more fabulous? Love it. You have a lovely blog and I am your newest follower


Lia said...

Fashion Meets Food: This pizza is out of this world. Give it a try, and I'm glad you're enjoying This Little Piglet.

Adriana Casey said...

This sounds delicious!! I could come take photos for you- as long as I get to eat too! Although.. you may have to wait a few years to actually get the photos...how old is Nico? ;)

Lia said...

Very funny, Adriana! Nico will be three in April. Maybe this is the year to finally get those photos? :)

Tracey said...

I have a feeling that this is going to be my 2011 dish. Especially since I should be able to find all of the ingredients in Dubai.
Happy Holidays!!! Feliz Natal.
bjs Tracey

Lia said...

Tracey, I think you'll love this! I crave it all the time. And, it's so easy to make. Happy holidays to you, too!


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