The Brookie

Meet the brookie, a brownie cradling a chocolate chip cookie from Baked. It's dreamy. For weeks I had a note to buy 4" pie tins on my to-do list so I could make a batch myself. I'd found the recipe, and it seemed easy enough, but I knew having six Brookies in my apartment would be dangerous. Daniel has restraint when it comes to desserts. I don't. 

I tried my first one after a visit to the Waterfront Museum, a barge at Pier 44 in Red Hook that my friend Caitlin told me about. She said it was a great place to take kids, especially on Thursday afternoons when admission is free. 

I like to plan outings that are near good coffee shops or bakeries or other special spots for food. With an infant and toddler, it's hard to sit anywhere and have a full meal, so I look for places where we can linger for just a little while. Plus, what could be better than a floating museum followed by brookies at Baked? Not much. We had the perfect afternoon. 

To get to the barge, we parked at Fairway and walked toward the water. We met the cheery captain who let Nico ring a bunch of bells, and were all mesmerized by the Rube Goldberg-style ball machine, a Dr. Seuss-like contraption. 

After, we played in the gardens nearby, sat by the water and watched the sun set. Thanks to Baked, I have a new favorite dessert. Thanks to Caitlin, I found my new favorite place in Brooklyn. 

290 Conover Street at Pier 44
Red Hook, Brooklyn

359 Van Brunt Street
Red Hook, Brooklyn

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that brookie looks incredible! Would love to try the recipe. Do you have any recommendations for toddler snacks on the go? Thanks!

Lia said...

Hi, Anonymous. My son loves to snack on the go, so I have to pack him all sorts of stuff. Some of his favorites are roasted sweet potatoes cut into cubes, dried fruit (bananas, pineapple, mango), sliced apples, grapes, raisins, cereal, and pretzels.

April said...

HOLY CRAP-OLA! Lia, this brookie dessert was designed for me! I can't wait to make them and eat them all!!!!


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