A Conversation with Gwyneth Paltrow

I met Gwyneth Paltrow today. Our conversation went something like this.

Me: Hi, how are you?
Gwyneth: I'm good!
Me: (To Leo who I was wearing in the Ergo) You're going to eat my blackberry while we're meeting Gwyneth? (Nervous giggle)
Gwyneth: Awww, how old?
Me: 10 months.

The End.

Or something like that.

So, was it worth the subway ride from Brooklyn with two kids, a stroller, portable potty, lunches, and snacks to my Mom's office in the Empire State Building where I left Nico and then raced about 30 blocks to Gwyneth's cookbook signing with Leo to meet Karlyn and wait in line for an hour and a half before retracing my steps and going home? No, not really.

I was excited to see Gwyneth up close and as expected, she was stunning. She had a certain glow and seemed sweet. But I couldn't think of anything to say or ask her that would seem authentic. I couldn't tell her I really loved her husband's music, or that her Mom was great on the show Huff and how I wish it hadn't gotten cancelled, or that despite what some people think, I actually like the name Apple. Asking something about the cookbook would have made the most sense, but the moment was over before I thought of that. To be honest, I was way more excited about seeing Mo Willems at Barnes & Noble last week. When he walked into the room, I felt giddy. Hearing how he reads the books he's written, books that hold a special place in my heart because I've read them countless times to Nico and Leo, was such a treat. With Gwyneth, I was more in awe, but my connection to her ended there.

Some sites have been poking fun at Gwyneth's cookbook. Eater has a list of the best lines and NY Magazine takes it one step further with this dramatic reading. Nico and I flipped through it on the subway ride home and found a lot of recipes that look really good, including a batch of brownies—Lent can't end soon enough—that uses spelt flour and agave. I'm sure Gwyneth had a strong team to help her perfect these recipes and I'm excited to put some to the test.


Suki said...

Great post! You and Karlin look fabulous. I also love the Dramatic Reading hyperlink.

Lia said...

Thanks Suki! I actually thought of you while I was there. Maybe GP will get a show on Food Network next!

Lee Porter said...

A skinny, rich, gorgeous blonde that loves to cook and sing with Cee-Lo? ... Here's hoping there's another one out there for me! ;)

Great post, Lia! I, too, am fine with the name "Apple." I heard a couple calling their baby "Epic" (yes, "Epic") yesterday.


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