Earthquake Go Away

Nico's been asking about earthquakes a lot since Friday. He wants to know where else they happen and if "the salami" is going to come and wash our apartment away. He even came up with what he calls the earthquake song. It's sung to the same tune as Rain Rain Go Away and he's told me that we have to go to Japan and Chile and Haiti and everywhere else they happen so we can protect people. I wish it were that easy. I keep trying to explain everything to him as best I can without making it sound too scary. I have a hard time looking at the images of all the destruction. I keep thinking of all the parents in Japan who are trying to tell their children everything will be OK even though they've lost everything. And the children there who know that something terrible has happened and how frightened they must be.

I haven't been wanting to write because I couldn't find the words for something as horrifying as this. And writing about food or a restaurant I visited this weekend seemed too silly. So, I've chosen to read what others are writing. Luisa, one of my favorite food bloggers, wrote a post that manages to be both poetic and poignant. I also really liked Ruth Reichl's post which I found via Orangette.

Terrible things happen on a daily basis and everyone chooses different ways to cope with that harsh reality. Talking about food and the joy it brings is one of mine. I want to try and help people in Japan however I can and remember to complain less. The trivial things I let bother me are silly in comparison to what so many people around the world must deal with.

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