Giuseppina's is Open, Finally

When it comes to Brooklyn pizza places, I'd choose Franny's or Lucali if I had to play favorites. Di Fara is good too, but I'm tired of the long lines and paying close to $30 for pies that are usually burnt. Some friends of mine swear by Roberta's and Saraginha, but before I head to Bed Stuy to try those, I'll be checking out Giuseppina's in Greenwood Heights. It's taken a while, but after countless delays, the pizzeria from Chris Iocano, the brother to Lucali's owner Mark Iocano, is finally open. Giuseppina's sounds sweet and simple with just pies, calzones, wine and beer. There isn't a website and I can't even find a phone number, but based on this review, it sounds like it was worth the wait. We have a lot to do this weekend, but I'm planning to sneak in some pizza.

691 6th Ave
Greenwood Heights, Brooklyn

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