Beer and Chocolate Tasting

Last week I shared an idea for a better way to spend Valentine's Day and today, I have another. Treat yourself and the one you love to a chocolate and beer tasting at Nunu Chocolates in Boerum Hill. You'll get to try three craft beers from Pretty Things, a brewery based in Somerville, Massachusetts that is getting a lot of attention. Check out their press page to read all the good things Food & Wine, The Atlantic, GQ and many others are saying about them. The chocolates are handmade at Nunu in a little kitchen that you can peek into. They're dainty and delicious, too.

The pairing will be available February 11th through the 14th, includes bottle and draught beers, four chocolates and costs $15.  If you really want to avoid Valentine's Day, but can't pass this up, you can get your pairing to go. And for anyone who doesn't live in New York, why not put together your own beer and chocolate tasting?

Nunu Chocolates
529 Atlantic Ave
Boerum Hill, Broolyn


statii radio said...

This looks like a nice idea for Valentine’s Day. I mean I know I am a chocolate fan and I know my boyfriend likes beer. Well maybe he doesn’t like beer as much as I like chocolate, but I still think it’s a win-win situation. So thank you for the idea.

Lia said...

You're welcome, statii radio. I'm thinking of trying it out msyelf. Daniel loves beer and we both love chocolate, so it's definitely a win-win for us!


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