Raising a Foodie

For the record, I don't really like the word foodie. But when trying to describe someone with a deep appreciation for food, it works. It also sounds a lot less hoity toity than words like gourmet or gourmand. Nico doesn't eat enough vegetables, requests most of his meals cold, and craves unusual combos like cream cheese and peanut butter, but it's evident that cooking and eating fill him with joy.

-Recently, I asked him what color my eyes are. His answer? Basil. They're hazel.
-He says his eyes are brown, like brownies.
-When it comes to pieces of cheese, he only accepts aged gouda.
-It's rare that he'll share something sweet. I'm lucky if I get a crumb. If I try to take a bite, even jokingly, he freaks. Unless what he's eating is only so-so. Then he'll have a few bites before gallantly handing the rest to me, explaining that he shouldn't eat so much sugar.
-He loves avocado. With olive oil, a pinch of salt and a big splash of balsamic vinegar.
-Roasted sweet potatoes are a favorite snack.
-Tofu, too. Sprinkled with flax.
-Thanks to the book Eco Babies Wear Green, he likes to talk about composting. Too bad he thinks it means throwing cereal on the floor.
-He loves to flip through cookbooks pointing out all the food he wants to make.
-While making a smoothie the other day, I added some vanilla extract. He exclaimed "But vanilla extract is for baking!"
-When he swipes our iPad, he claims he's searching for recipes. He's really trying to find Daniel's Angry Birds app.
-He loves making lemonade and mastered our electric juicer this summer.
-His sweetener of choice? Agave.
-Squares of dark chocolate make him squeal with delight.
-When I try to sneak sweets around him, it isn't long before he comes close and says "I smell something delicious!"
-And, a personal favorite. While trying to get him to leave a play space recently, I reminded him that we needed to buy cream of tartar on the way home. Expecting to hear his usual, "FIVE MORE MINUTES" he came running like the little man on Fantasy Island yelping "The tartar! The tartar! We need to get the tartar!"


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