Getting Crafty

The other day while visiting my friend Courtney in Connecticut, she commented that no one has enough energy for a 3-year old. Except another 3-year old of course. Nico and her son Fletcher were like wild animals, barrelling around her house together. They didn't stop talking or moving for a second. Courtney's a teacher so I shouldn't have been surprised when she pulled out a hot glue gun and convinced them to sit down and make pillows.

Nico and Fletcher liked designing their pillows, but when it came time to actually put them together, they were ready to do something else. Courtney couldn't have been having more fun. At one point, I think Fletcher felt bad that he'd abandoned her project and he stopped playing to help her finish Nico's. Once both were ready, he and Nico used them for pillow fights and pretend naps in Courtney's cozy bed. Nico named his pillow Sunny and professed his love for her on the ride home that day.

Inspired by Courtney, I decided to get a little crafty myself this morning. Nico and Leo both woke up before 6am, so it seemed like a good day to pull out some mini marshmallows and tooth picks. I had high hopes for this project after seeing Liz's cool photos on her site, but Nico was much more interested in eating the marshmallows than building with them. After I lost count of how many he'd eaten, he started sneaking some. Before I knew it, he was trying to eat the one thing I was able to build.  Oh well, it was worth a shot. At least we have a half bag of marshmallows that we need to use up before Lent starts on Wednesday. Time to make some rice krispie treats, maybe?


Psychscribe said...

Hi Lia! I can't get over how much your little blondie looks like your brother when he was a little boy. Your other son resembles his uncle Robert, I think...
Nice to see you and yours!
Maggie Vlazny (formerly Pintauro!)

Lia said...

Hi Maggie! It's nice to see you here. The blondie is actually my friend's son, although Nico has reminded me of Frankie a lot.


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