Robicelli's Romeo y Juliette Cupcakes

So, Lent starts tomorrow which means I'll be giving up sweets very soon. I stopped by Crespella this afternoon in search of my last dessert and couldn't have been happier to find these cupcakes from Robicelli's. They reminded me of a simple and delicious dessert that I eat a lot in Brazil—guava paste and queijo minas, a cheese that sort of squeaks while you eat it. I've seen other riffs before, including a guava souffle with cream cheese ice cream, but this might be my new favorite. Unlike other cupcakes that aren't as complex and make me think it's fine to eat a few, these were rich and filling and and I only needed one. I made sure to eat mine very slowly and loved the bright guava flavor.

I've been hearing about Robicelli's for a while and now I know why they get such rave reviews. Made by a Brooklyn couple that clearly likes to have fun in the kitchen, they are ridiculously good. Take a look at their past flavors to see more cool combinations. They couldn't be more creative. Of course I want to try many more and now I know where to find them. Too bad I have to wait forty days before I can have another.

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