Staying Warm with Sugar Cookies

We haven't had any heat or hot water for the past two days. It wasn't too bad on Christmas, but today there's a monster snowstorm and it's cold. Sipping lots of tea and eating what seems like a never ending supply of cookies has helped. Now my thoughts are on dinner. I'm thinking fondue.

On Christmas Eve, we made sugar cookies with Nico before he went to bed. I was inspired by these stunning ones, but making cut-out cookies and royal icing with a 2 1/2-year old when it's already past his bedtime can be tricky.

Ours weren't quite stunning. Not even close, but with a hint of almond extract and lemon zest, they were delicious. I love the the cookie recipe I finally settled on, and to make the icing, I went with this one from Alton Brown. It was my first time making royal icing and worried about it being too runny, I made it too stiff. Putting it into squeeze bottles as Emily (the girl with the stunning cookies) instructed made it easier to work with.

Some day we'll make stunning ones. This year, with stomach viruses and sleep deprivation and all sorts of other obstacles, I've been embracing imperfection. And chaos. Especially when it keeps us happy and well fed.

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