Dub Pies

Decaf mocha lattes from Dub Pies have been keeping me warm this winter. I  just wish I didn't feel like a bull in a china shop every time I go there with my kids. Getting in with a double stroller is kind of tricky since the door opens into the shop and not toward the street and once we're finally in, we take up half the place. On most visits, I feel like that Mom. I could always go to Connecticut Muffin across the street, but everything at Dub is so much better. Good thing Prospect Park is nearby. I get my mocha to go, and usually a few of their flaky and filling New Zealand-Australian meat pies (refried beans/jalapeno and chicken thai curry on my last visit, plus a few mini ones which are perfect for kids) and enjoy everything there. For movies at The Pavilion, I like to sneak in some of their sweet treats. Anzac cookies with oats, coconut, and what seems like a lot of sugar are delicious, and I'm hoping the mini fruit mince pies will be around after the holidays, but something tells me their days are numbered.

Dub Pies
211 Prospect Park West (corner of 16th Street)

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Unknown said...

Lovely review, thanks. Wish we could offer more room. But you're right - the fruit mince won't be around for long. They wouldn't be a seasonal special if we made them all year! ;-)

Happy Hols

dub pies

Lia said...

My pleasure! I was there again today, with both kids and my husband. It wasn't busy due to the blizzard, so we ate our pies in the shop which was a nice change of pace. I was sad to see the mince pies were gone, but will be looking for them next year!


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