The Perfect Play Kitchen

Christina's Kitchen, Nova Natural

For Christmas last year, I gave Nico this play kitchen. It's still one of his favorite toys, which makes me very happy. Toddlers have a tendency to be very into something one day and completely over it the next. Especially a simple, wooden toy that doesn't make noise or blink. 

At first I started him out with mini pots and pans from Acorn, some eggs and a few pretend food sets from Haba. For his birthday, I got him a mini toaster. He hijacked my kitchen timer and some pot holders and is often begging me to give him our lemon juicer and tongs (which he prefers to call "pinchers"). 

Today, he served me this breakfast which he described as a salty pretzel, a pizza sandwich, six eggs and a pie. My kind of meal. Sometimes, before we go out for the day, he places a bunch of his stuffed animals around a tray and piles it with food. I love that he wants to make sure his little friends are well fed. 

While giving him a bath last night, I asked what he wants to be when he grows up. Expecting his usual answers (fire man, garbage man, construction worker), he surprised me with a new one. He told me he wanted to be a cooker who makes delicious things.  

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