Seeing Stripes

We've made lots of progress on our apartment and are really happy with how it's coming together, but Nico and Leo's room still needs some sprucing up. We scratched the wallpaper idea and the washi tape stripes didn't work out. They were too skinny for the space. Now we're planning on painting some stripes next week, but have a new dilemma. Do we go with horizontal or vertical ones? I can't make up my mind.

Look at these thick, horizontal ones. I love everything about them.

But then I saw these vertical ones in this dreamy bedroom and it made me change my mind.

Then I remembered these ones which come from one of the coolest bedrooms I've seen in awhile. The thick two-toned stripes are awesome and the same goes for the stars on the ceiling, dark blue rug, and simple Ikea bed.

When it comes to vertical ones, I tend to prefer them like this: some skinny, some thick.

These horizontal ones are  big and bold, but the pops of orange soften the look and make it more fun.

This little guy in his fancy bed makes me smile. The skinny stripes look really good, but if I stare too long, I get dizzy.

Isn't this room so sweet? Stripes are so playful, but they work even as kids grow up.

Seems like I'm leaning toward horizontal, huh? I've read that they can make a room feel more spacious while vertical ones can make the ceiling seem higher. As of now, we're thinking about yellow ones, and hopefully, we'll figure out soon if they should go up and down, or across. What would you choose? 

Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7


LiSa said...

I prefer the horizontal stripes! Especially if it's for a bed room. I feel that vertical stripes suit dining rooms or kitchens better. Just my opinion!! x

Lia said...

Thanks for your vote, Lisa! We've decided to go with horizontal yellow ones in two different shades. Hopefully it'll look good and I can do a post on the results some day.


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