All Packed Up

I didn't plan to disappear for a few weeks, but moving out of your apartment just days before you're about to take an international trip? I wouldn't recommend it. Long story short, we survived and as anxious as we are to get settled in our new place, we all can't wait to step away from the boxes and really relax.

We leave for Brazil tomorrow and I'm hoping to write a bit while I'm there. I'm not making any official promises, and maybe it'll just be a few quick posts with photos of my favorite things in Rio, such as the sunset on Ipanema that's so beautiful, people can't help but clap. And then there's Bahia, where we'll stay in our bathing suits all day and drink from coconuts. Speaking of bathing suits, I've packed a bunch of swim trunks and those SPF surfer shirts for Nico and Leo, but something tells me they'll be in speedos for most of this trip. When in Rome, right?

When we're back, I'll tell you how I found the perfect color for my kitchen cabinets and some of the other ideas I have for our new place.

Tchau, for now!


Tracey Baranck said...

Boa viagem! Nos falamos when you return. Enjoy the beaches and the boys in speedos!!!

beijos - Tracey

Lia said...

Thanks Tracey! I wrote you last week. Not sure if you got it. Let's be in touch soon. Beijos.

marie said...

I can relate on the swimsuit issue. The first time Lex went to Italy we had all sorts of swim gear. By day 2 he was either in his speedo or running naked with the rest of the kids. Now it's always jarring to be at the beach in the states where kids are practically wearing snowsuits!

Lia said...

Marie, I hear you. All the kids here are so tan and in speedos. So far, Nico has refused to wear one and insists on having his waterproof shirt and swim shorts on. Ha! Leo's been rocking a speedo though and it really is too cute.


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