South Brooklyn Pizza

When it comes to food in Brooklyn, I try my best to stay in the loop. Rarely do I just stumble upon a place, especially one that's been around for a few months and has a few locations. But that's exactly what happened last night.

Daniel and I were about to go to Moim, a Korean place we really like, when we noticed a bright red storefront on a nearby side street. Inside we discovered South Brooklyn Pizza, a tiny place with a lot of charm and unbelievably good pies and slices. It's pricey—$4 a slice and $25 a pie—but after trying a slice of margherita, a four-cheese artichoke pie, and two cucumber and tomato salads with an amazing pesto-spiked dressing that I wanted to sip straight from the bowl, it's clear they use high quality ingredients. The pizza's crust was crispy with just a few charred spots, and rather than being paper thin or ultra thick, it was somewhere in between.

We sat outside at a marble table with red chairs and had fun showering the owner, a jolly Italian man, with lots of compliments on his perfect pizzeria. Next to us, a big family shared a bunch of pies and through the window, I played peekaboo with an adorable baby girl. It made me think of Nico and Leo. They would happily eat pizza every day if we let them. With such a special place in our neighborhood, it's going to be hard not to.

South Brooklyn Pizza
447 1st Street (between 6th and 7th Aves)

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