Pretty in Pink

In the summer, all I want to drink is Rosé. It works well with most warm-weather foods and is refreshing. Last summer, I fell in love with Jelu Malbec Rose from Argentina. It had a really bright, cherry flavor and unlike most Rosés I've tried, it was deep and dark in color. My local wine store isn't carrying it anymore, so last night I decided to search for a new favorite. I went with a 2010 Wolffer Estate Rosé, 2010 Cabochard Cote Roannaise, 2009 Rubiconda Canavese Rosato, and 2010 Jean-Maurice Paffault Chinon.

When I'm choosing wine, I'm usually guided by the descriptions on the bottle or the ones that the wine shop provides, and occasionally I get swayed by cool labels. After trying to describe the type of Rosé I like last night and only being able to come up with crisp and a little bit sweet, it's time to finally take a class and learn a thing or two. I've bought wine at The Brooklyn Wine Exchange before and they offer all sorts of classes, so it seems like a good place to start.

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