Brooklyn Boys

Last week, we braved the blazing temps and spent a fun-filled day in the city with Karlyn and Fox. Unfortunately, the photo above is the only one we managed to take, but it's probably better that way. If you try to capture every moment with your kids, you often end up missing the moment altogether.

Nico loves books from the Urban Babies series, so to help us remember our fun day in the city, I thought I'd write one of my own. I'd call it Brooklyn Boys Romp Around Manhattan.

Brooklyn boys ride the subway. They prefer window seats, like to press their noses against the glass, and sometimes befriend people who look a little creepy.
Brooklyn boys take trial classes at Gymboree and pick up sweets at Tribeca Treats after.
Brooklyn boys eat watermelon at Whole Foods and pretend to cook carrots in a play space.
Brooklyn boys splash in sprinklers and cover themselves with sand at a playground along the Hudson River.
Brooklyn boys cool off in the dairy aisle of a West Village supermarket during a hot and sticky walk to Chelsea.
Brooklyn boys run happily along The High Line, up and over benches, through the new lawn, sometimes bumping into people or skinning knees, and admiring all the pretty wild flowers along the way.
Brooklyn boys eat shave ice with sour cherry and rhubarb syrup and are only willing to share once it's turned to water.
Brooklyn boys find room for mini passion fruit ice pops and licks of bigger ones with rhubarb and chamomile.
Brooklyn boys play with huge striped balloons and burn off energy in bouncy castles.
Brooklyn boys get brain freeze from citrus slushies that are a bit too sweet.
Brooklyn boys ride home in taxis when their parents are too tired to take them on the subway again.

Looking forward to more fun in Manhattan and Brooklyn this summer!

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