Smorgasburg: A Brooklyn Food Flea Market

Daniel and I tried to snag a table at Marlow & Sons a few months ago when we were in Williamsburg for our Mast Brothers Chocolate tour, but didn't have any luck. We ended up at Fatty 'Cue instead, but for months, I've been meaning to try again, and I want to pick up some stuff at Marlow & Daughters as well.

Now I have another reason to go back. Smorgasburg, a food flea market opens this weekend! The New York Times recently shared a list of all the vendors  and I continue to be both amazed and overwhelmed by how much incredible food is made in Brooklyn. But the fact that so much of it can now be found in one place is very exciting. I'm not sure I'll make it there this weekend, but it looks like I'll be spending more time in Williamsburg very soon.

Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
27 North Street, between Kent Avenue and the East River (near East River State Park)
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

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