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It's been a busy few weeks. I haven't cooked much aside from some butternut squash soup and a simple bolognese sauce. At night, Daniel and I throw together big salads for ourselves or make really basic meals. We've been drinking a lot of smoothies. Our apartment search is taking up the little free time we have and I'm ready for it to be over. I want to know where we'll be living in a few months, especially now that someone else will own our apartment very soon. So, I don't have many stories to share right now. What I do have are some links. Recipes I keep meaning to make, a restaurant I want to try, and other random things. Hope everyone is enjoying the first few days of spring. It's amazing how uplifting some sunny weather can be. Oh, and how about that full moon on Saturday night? I was at my Mom's apartment for a girls-only get together with her, my aunts, two cousins and some friends who feel like family. She served her award-winning lasagna. There were eight of us. A group of wise women who have all had their fair share of struggles. They remind me to not sweat the small stuff.

Some links:

Remember how I said I didn't want to throw Nico a birthday party this year? Well, after discovering this adorable cake studio on Columbia Street this weekend, I'm starting to reconsider. After showing him some of the cook cakes on their website, he requested a vanilla one with chocolate frosting with a G train, digger, fire truck and snow plow on top.

Speaking of Nico, he's been rejecting most vegetables lately. But when I made him this kale, spinach and pear smoothie that was the same color of his beloved G train, he gulped the whole thing down and begged for more. Leo loved it, too. 

When I have more time to cook again some day, I want to make these homemade bagels and fresh cream butter.

If Daniel and I could plan our wedding day all over again, I'd love to do something like this. Riding bikes with some of our closest friends all over NYC would be so much fun.

I love how Aron and Ashley, the couple behind the blog Hither and Thither, take a photo each year while holding up how many fingers they've been married, a tradition they adopted from Aron's parents.

I've only been to Seattle once and wish Delancey, the pizza place opened by one of the best food bloggers and her husband, had been around back then. Molly recently wrote about their newest venture, The Pantry at Delancey, and now I'm dreaming about taking a quick trip to check both places out.


Anne Stesney said...

I'm totally going to try that smoothie and the G Train trick on Walt. Great link. Thanks!

Lia said...

Thanks, Anne. I couldn't believe how much he loved that smoothie and I know its bright green color had something to do with it!


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