A Cool Way to Store Toy Cars

I've always thought it'd be cool to use a magnetic strip for my knives, but with two little boys and more toy cars then I can count, this is a much better idea. It would make it a lot easier to find Nico's ice cream truck, G train, lamborghini or any of his other transportation vehicles once the lights are out and he's in bed and decides he just has to have one of them. Usually, we rifle through the big basket we keep them in, hoping the one he wants isn't buried at the bottom. It usually is and the cars, trains and trucks that we just begged him to clean up often gets dumped back on the floor. Letting him snatch one right off the wall would be wonderful. He has a lot of cars and they wouldn't all fit on one rack. I guess we'd have to install a few, or use the strip for his favorites.

{Spotted on Swiss Miss}


Marie said...

I totally saw this and loved it too!

Lia said...

I need to try it out. Nico loves putting magnets on the fridge, so maybe this will help him keep his cars nice and neat!


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