Little Piglet List: 25 Recipe Resolutions

I thought about posting my 2011 resolutions right here, but decided to keep them to myself. Except for one. You've probably already figured it out.

I want to write more this year.

I started This Little Piglet before I had kids. Back when I traveled a lot, planned parties and knew all the best restaurants in New York and abroad. I always wanted to write more. I just never got around to it. Eventually, I stopped writing altogether.

Life certainly isn't calmer now. Parenting is a different sort of busy and I have a lot less time for myself. Still, I'm trying to write whenever I can, even if it's late at night when I should be catching up on sleep. It's nice to have a creative space of my own. A place to share recipes, restaurants, inspiring people, sites I like, or stories about life in Brooklyn with two little boys.

Thanks to Sitemeter, the site I use to track stats, I know people are reading. Many find me via Google and probably just come for a certain recipe or restaurant and don't stick around. Others have subscribed through readers and seem to check in whenever I post something new. Even though most of you are keeping very quiet, it's nice to know you're out there. If you feel like commenting here or on Facebook, I'll be your best friend forever. It'd be so nice to hear from you.

So while I'm not going to share any personal, potentially embarrassing resolutions, I will tell you about 25 food-related ones that I recently shared on my blog for iVillage. I came up with the idea after frying a few strips of bacon—for the first time in my life—the other night. The bacon was for a very decadent quiche that I'll write about soon, but it got me thinking about all the other foods I've never made and cooking techniques I still must conquer.

I'll admit it's a pretty ambitious list. If I want to make some progress, I have a lot of work to do. Tons, actually. It's a good thing food resolutions are much more fun than personal ones. Plus, there's no real pressure to plow through them. It's best to check off promises like these slowly. One by one.

Calendar image from statingtheobvious via Etsy


Anne Stesney said...

I love your list. If you are interested in taking a knife skills class, let me know. I think Brooklyn Kitchen teaches them.

Lia said...

Thanks, Anne! I do want to take one. I also want to take a photography class since it's about time I learn a thing or two. I should have added that to the list.


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