Holiday Cookie Crawl

With one child, it didn't seem as crazy to take the subway 12 stops (or more) in search of really good sweets. With two, things are more complicated.

So, while I really would love to bundle up my boys and have them sample holiday cookies all over the city with me, it's just not going to happen. Not this year.

Instead, I'm dreaming about where we'd go if we could. For my latest Mommy Poppins post, I checked in with seven of my favorite spots and found out what they're baking this year. Because in my opinion, a cookie crawl is the perfect way to spend a holiday weekend. Or any weekend. Actually, make that any day of the week.

I did try these mini fruit mince pies at Dub Pies and thought they were delicious, but to make sure there are more holiday sweets in my future, I'm going to christen some new cookie cutters next week. But first, I need the perfect sugar cookie recipe. Any suggestions?

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