25 NYC Food Gift Ideas

I love giving people gifts and I usually find a way to work food in somehow. For weddings, I send couples to special restaurants (Mas in the West Village, usually), and I've planned a few surprise trips to Shinn Estate.

For the holidays this year, I want to give friends and family some of my favorite NYC foods. Bars of chocolate made in Brooklyn by two brothers, hand rolled pretzels that rival the stale ones sold all over the city, and boxes of brownies from a place I visited way too often during the four years I worked in Chelsea Market.

For my latest Mommy Poppins post, I shared these and many other local gift ideas that would make anyone who likes food very happy. Because let's face it. No one really needs more stuff. But we all need to eat!

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Restaurant I said...

Very cool. Never had Mast Brothers Chocolate, but I'll have to try it. I usually get my family each a gift card to a trendy New York restaurant...seems to do the trick for me :) Love the website name BTW.

Lia said...

Thanks Restaurant I. And you should definitely try Mast Brothers chocolate. It's great.


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