Back from Brazil

Daniel and I got home from Brazil yesterday. The rain was relentless most of the trip, but the way I see it, that just gave us more time to eat. Plus, would you want to slip into a teensy Brazilian bikini after having meia-luas for breakfast, feijoada for lunch and moqueca for dinner? I didn't think so.

I have many, many stories to share, but I need to organize all my photos and translate a whole lotta chicken scratch first. Stay tuned!

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Patricia Scarpin said...

Hello, Lia!

I "discovered" your blog yesterday and was looking forward to leaving you a comment.
I live in Brazil and I liked this post very much!

It's so nice to see a piece of my country shown like this.


Lia said...

Thanks Patricia! And there will be many more posts about Brazil, so I hope you like those too.


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