French Host Brothers and Latte Bowls

I had a huge crush on my French host brother when I studied abroad in Paris. He was handsome and goofy, had the most adorable accent in English and would always drink his morning coffee from a big bowl. He must have really considered me a sister since he never made a move. He did, however, make out with my best friend when she was visiting from Barcelona.

I've been buying these latte bowls from Anthropologie for as long as I can remember, probably right around the time I came home from France. Daniel's Dad recently gave me a shirt from there that didn't fit, so I decided it was time to add to my collection. Their new colors are my favorite yet and I love how the deep plum, royal blue, chocolate brown and aqua ones look together. I wasn't as crazy about the others, but wanted to get six. And, since they're only $5 each, I think they make a really good holiday gift. You can buy them individually in the store; online they come in sets of four and six. And while I'm on the topic of holiday gifts, I'm dying to try Leone's Gianduioso, a chocolate-hazelnut spread that comes in a gold toothpaste tube and apparently puts Nutella to shame. According to New York Magazine, I can find it at Eataly, which means I'll probably stuff my own stocking with some this year.

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