A Room for My Boys

Nico might be turning 3 in April, but his bedroom still looks a lot like it did the day he came home from the hospital.

{April 2008}

We're hoping to move in a few months and this is the room I'll miss most. (And the kitchen, of course.) I loved transforming our office into a nursery and think we really spruced up the small space. It'll seem even smaller this weekend when Leo moves in.

{February 2011}

When we moved into our apartment, we chose Benjamin Moore's "Serene Breeze" for the second bedroom thinking it would work for a boy or girl some day. At first it felt too icy, but Nico's white and cream furniture helped soften it. Now his room really is the most serene spot in the apartment, when all his toys are put away and he's sleeping at least. 

I looked at so many cribs and finally went with the Loom from Nurseryworks. To keep toys organized, I lined the space underneath with canvas baskets from Pottery Barn Kids. We also have a big wicker trunk that's full of trains and tracks. I found the glider at a no-frills baby store in Chelsea and it's covered in microfiber with a light green trim. I love sitting there with both boys on my lap and reading some stories.

I chose a crib set from Serena & Lily, a site that has beautiful bedding for babies and adults. When Nico was a baby, we kept stuffed animals out of his crib. Now he has about 10 on average in there, plus other things. He also requests three blankets now, including one that Daniel's co-worker made for Leo.

His dresser is from Pottery Barn Kids and it doubles as a changing table. Above it are West Elm shelves with baskets from Pier 1. The top shelf has stuffed animals that didn't make the cut for his crib.

Across from his dresser is the little corner that will soon be Leo's. Right now, it has this bookcase with a crocheted monkey and lion from blabla and a set of purple speakers we found at Target. Above it is one of my grandfather's paintings. He was an advertising exec by profession and an artist at heart. Since Nico's always been an early riser, the bunny alarm on the wall helped us teach him that 4:30am is not the best time to get up.

Nico's books are usually scattered on the floor, piled up on the windowsill and tucked into his crib. I prefer them neat and organized like this, with Portuguese books on the left and English on the right. Daniel made the radiator cover. Isn't it pretty? I'm lucky he's so handy. On the wall is a ceramic piece from an artist in Berlin that Daniel's Dad gave us. Below it is a picture of Sacre Coeur from my aunt Laurie. It reminds me of my time in Paris when I was just 20.

Nico's room gets the best light and his French door helps distribute it throughout the apartment. Daniel installed a roller shade so we wouldn't disturb him during naps or at night. I like having a way to peek in.

When we move, Nico will be getting a bed and he's already talking about sheets with diggers and trucks. I'll miss this sweet little room, but can't wait to come up with new ideas for my big boy and his little brother.


adriana casey said...

Wow- I remember photographing a very pregnant mama in that room in 2008- my how things have changed!

Lia said...

Yes, they have. I'm still holding out for those photos and am hoping 2011 is my year :)


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