Hot Chocolate and Crepes

Nico used to always ask "Where are we going today?" Winter brings his Brazilian side out and lately, he's been begging to stay in. Even though the sidewalks are still full of snow, he now likes to ask "Is it spring yet?" Monday was fairly mild, but it still took awhile to get him outside. I assumed we'd just go to the park or call a friend. Instead of asking to walk, he hopped in his stroller and requested hot chocolate. On the way, we spotted this sweet house with a white picket fence. Wedged in between apartment buildings it was an unexpected sight. A little piece of country in bustling Brooklyn. Determined to take a photo with my phone, I crossed the street. Trying to cross back, I got our stroller stuck in a mountain of snow. For a moment, I longed to move far, far away.

After setting the stroller free, we made our way to Cafe Grumpy where I quieted my chatty child for a few minutes with a warm mixture of milk and stone-ground chocolate that he drank slowly with a straw before finishing it off with one long gulp.

After that, we went to Crespella, a cute place with crepes that sells Stumptown coffee, Robicelli cupcakes (which I've heard again and again are some of NY's best, but still need to try), a granola made in Brooklyn that looks really good, and a small selection of Italian specialities. 

I planned to get our crepes to go, but we ended up sitting on stools and watching all the action on 7th Ave while eating them there. Danny, the friendly guy behind the counter even took photos for us with his phone. He also held the door when it was time to head home, a big help since Crespella is tricky to enter and exit with a stroller.

Blackberries and blueberries with a hint of honey for Nico

Spinach, mushroom, ricotta and olive oil for me

Spring really can't come soon enough. But adventures like these make winter a bit more bearable. Luckily, Leo likes this weather so far. Let's see how he feels about it next year.

Cafe Grumpy
383 7th Ave
Park Slope, Brooklyn

321 7th Ave
Park Slope, Brooklyn


Ellie said...

Those look so yummy!!! I love when you find a great place unexpectedly.

Lia said...

Ellie, they were delicious, especially the spinach, mushroom and ricotta one.


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