You Had Me at Dough

I've always had a thing for doughnuts. I'd say it started around the time I was 5. My grandfather used to take me to our local diner every Sunday for a cinnamon sugar twist and on the days my grandmother didn't join us, he let me order coffee, too. For the last few years, Caffe Falai and Trois Pommes have been my favorite places to get doughnuts. Trois Pommes makes jelly ones that are very different from the ones I grew up eating, but they're still so good. Caffe Falai has unbelievable bomboloni.

After a trip to Dough yesterday, I now have a new favorite doughnut place. A small, easy-to-miss spot in Clinton Hill (or is it Bed Stuy?) with a simple paper sign taped to its window, Dough sells Stumptown coffee, hot chocolate, and some local Brooklyn products, but the real stars are enormous yeast doughnuts dripping with sophisticated glazes. Opened by the same people behind Choice Market, a good breakfast and lunch spot a few blocks away, Dough has just a few stools where you can sit and savor your treat while watching a few bakers make new batches.

Enormous and just $2 each, the doughnuts are almost too cheap. When I went yesterday, I was tempted to buy a bunch, but held back. Nico chose the chocolate with cocoa nibs and made it very clear that I couldn't have a single piece.  Eventually, he ran his little finger through the glaze and offered me a taste of that. He tried to eat it all, but only managed to have half. I wrapped up the rest and polished it off on our way to the playground.

I also picked up two for me and Daniel to share after dinner. The hibiscus was a big hit and I loved the magenta glaze that was both sweet and tart. The petals on top looked cool, but were hard to chew. Dulce de leche was also delicious and sliced almonds gave it a nice, crunchy texture. Now I'm curious about the lemon poppy and toasted coconut and wish I lived a little closer to Dough. Luckily, the G stops just a few blocks away, so I'm sure it won't be long before I go back.

305 Franklin Avenue
Clinton Hill/Bed Stuy, Brooklyn
G to Classon Ave
7am-4pm, daily


AC said...

Um - can we please go here on our next lady date? I would write more but I need to wipe the drool off my chin (you like that visual? you're welcome). xx.

Lia said...

Of course! I'll happily go back there anytime, especially with you. xo

Bumped In Brooklyn said...

We live just around the corner and I'm crazy about the chocolate chipotle one. Auden likes the hibiscus one so much he's been drawing it.

Lia said...

Oh, how I'd love to have Dough around the corner from me! I haven't tried the chocolate chipotle one yet, but it sounds dreamy.


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