This week, I'm Elephant

At my Mom's birthday last week, my cousin and aunt gave Nico two books.
One was called A New Home for Beaver.
It's about a beaver, a pig and an elephant.
It wasn't long before Nico started calling me Elephant.
He was beaver.
Leo was pig.
Daniel was at work.
When he came home, we called him zebra.
Nico decided to build his own beaver house.
Around my desk.
The blanket covering the computer was the final touch.
He asked for my help with that.
I wonder if he's trying to tell me something. 
He did everything else himself.
Last night, I took down his beaver house after he went to bed.
When he woke up today, he was not happy that I had "destroyed" it.
"My beeeeeeeeeeaver house!"
He built it again.
Just like the beaver in the book.
I get a kick out of his design choices.
Such as the socks.
And the paper towel wedged between two pillows. 
His books always work their way into our lives.
TV shows too.
His Curious George phase was tough.
A monkey is really not the best role model.
Characters from books are better.
Speaking of books, I wish we lived closer to Powerhouse Books in Dumbo.
They have the most beautiful selection of children's books.
The ones by Mo Willems make us laugh the most.
Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog is a family favorite.
Nico used to quote that a lot.
"Oh for Pete's sake!"
They're turning Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Tale into a musical.
We bought tickets last weekend.
After reading that, Nico changed his lovey's name from Bear Bear to Knuffy.
But back to the beavers.
Last night, Nico and Daniel watched a documentary about beavers together.
Leo kept trying to watch too.
Once the boys were in bed, Daniel told me about it while we ate slices of bacon and cheese quiche.
I promise to give you that recipe soon.
Daniel said the documentary was like a reality show for beavers.
Did you know that beavers change their surroundings more than any other animal?
Aside from humans, of course.
I had no idea.
I never spent much time thinking about beavers.
Until I had a little boy whose books spark his imagination.
And make him surprise me with little things.
Like this.

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Anonymous said...

Love the Beaver house. And love the blog! Congrats

Anonymous said...

Lia this is Sage. You're blog is really cute and I love the suggestions for places to eat in BK. I live in Williamsburg and almost never make it down to Park Slope and beyond but you might just inspire me to have a food adventure there! I am glad the blanket is being put to good use and that y'all are enjoying it. Be well and keep up the good work!

Sarah said...

I was wondering...does he hang out in his little beaver house too?

Lia said...

Thanks, Anonymous!

Sage: Nico and Leo both love the blanket, though it seems like Nico's claimed it for now. Big brothers...

Sarah: Yes, he likes to hide in it sometimes.

Allison said...

Lia - it's Allison. This is one of my favorite things you have ever written. I love it. The mind of a (sleep-deprived) mom. I feel like you summed up a day-in-the-life perfectly with this little poem. Congrats!

Tara said...

Musician, architect, story teller...I love how Nico brings stories to real life. Loved the poem style post, for some reason it felt easier for my eyes to follow when reading on a screen. ..bacon quiche in bed, ooh la la ;). xo T

Lia said...

Thanks, Allison. This was one of the easier posts to write since these are the sort of thoughts floating through my head most days!

Tara, we had the bacon quiche after the BOYS were in bed, not while we were in bed. HA!


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