Brooklyn Food Favorites 2010

To kick off my first day of 2011, I'm remembering some of the Brooklyn spots I frequented in 2010. Many are old favorites and a few are new. Happy New Year!

Bklyn Larder
This is where I cheated on the Park Slope Food Coop and my favorite ice cream parlor a lot. Their toasted almond gelato is unreal and the first flavor I've liked as much, if not more than the strawberry from Blue Marble. It's also where I treated myself to the easiest—and most expensive—Thanksgiving ever.

The neighborhood place I've always dreamed about. It's affordable, kid-friendly, and the food is seasonal, often local, and downright delicious. 

Every time I got rid of old clothes and toys at Lulu's Then and Now, I'd walk a few blocks to blow my earning on high-end hot dogs.

The perfect place to splurge on a fancy 33rd birthday celebration with a big group of friends.

One Girl Cookies
It's rare that I eat breakfast anywhere other than home. But for my favorite bakery's homemade yogurt, granola and stewed fruit, I'll make an exception. Their coconut coffee cake is the last thing I ate before going into labor with Leo.

Cafe Pedlar
Where I go to get snacks before movies at Cobble Hill Cinemas—the pretzel sandwich with brie and butter is the best. It's also where I recently spent a rare afternoon alone with a chai latte, black forest braid and my new favorite cookbook.

Four and Twenty Blackbirds
The place I almost walked right by when it first opened because black bars on its window made it easy to miss. I'm forever thankful for my friend Karlyn who suggested we peek in. I've been back countless times for Brooklyn's best pie.

Brookies from Baked
A dessert I could eat every day.

Nunu Chocolates
The place where I led my first food tour. I love the handmade chocolates, cozy brown and blue space, and the friendly couple that owns it.

Mast Brothers Chocolate
I always keep a stash of these at home. Pricier than most, they're discounted at the Park Slope Food Coop. This makes my monthly shifts worth it.

Solid southern food makes this one of the best places to open on Smith Street in awhile. I visited a few times this summer and discovered two things: Red Hook rose, and that scallops and watermelon make a surprisingly good combination. 

The Double Windsor
A bar with really good food where Daniel and I shared a flight of beers and a salad with duck confit on our first night out after becoming parents of two.We saw The Swell Season in Prospect Park after.

Dub Pies
Decaf mochas with pretty froth designs make my day. Flaky meat pies are nice too.

Five Leaves
The place where I ate outside on a cold December day with a friend and two little boys, bumped into Kiefer Sutherland on his birthday, and must visit again before 2011 ends.


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Anonymous said...

Sitting here slackjawed looking at the state of food in Brooklyn. When I lived in the neighborhood (both Cobble Hill and Park Slope) The food finds were only the places I worked to put myself through school - Cranberries and La Violette...those and good ethnic places on Atlantic Ave. or the Italian specialties of Caroll Gardens.

Lia said...

Ciao Fluffy, yummy is right! When are you going to start blogging? :)

Anonymous, when did you live here? I moved to Brooklyn in 2001 and so much has changed even since then. There was lots of good food, but these days, the amount is incredible. No wonder so many of my friends who once had no interest in Brooklyn are now living here. Thanks for stopping by.

mina said...

I'm going to save this post for my next trip to NY. I didn't see nearly as much of Brooklyn as I would have liked.

Lia said...

Mina, there's a lot in Brooklyn to see! Definitely save the list and stop by again. I plan on putting up all my favorite Brooklyn restaurants soon. My current list is outdated.

Dria said...

Lia, this is a great roundup, and makes me want to spend more time where all the good food is! I need to call you and K soon and make the pilgrimage (especially for that Brookie -- has my name all over it).

Lia said...

Thanks Dria! Come anytime and we'll go get Brookies and all sorts of other good stuff.

charlotte s said...

The places on this list sound amazing! I'm bookmarking it! Thank you :)

Lia said...

You're welcome, Charlotte! They're all wonderful places to check out.


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