Baby Chef

This is Leo. Or Baby Chef, as people referred to him last night while we celebrated Halloween in Park Slope. He was supposed to be the Pillsbury Dough Boy, but I never got around to making the sign for his hat. (Now that I think about it, Baby Chef is a better costume anyway. I love Pillsbury's adorable icon, but I don't want to promote bread from a can.)

A punctual little guy, Leo arrived on his due date almost 5 months ago. Since then, life has been exhausting and exhilarating. Busy, and sometimes blurry. Becoming a family of four is intense, and incredible.

In other news, I recently started freelance writing for a few sites. I'll have some articles launching soon on baby gooroo, a weekly blog on iVillage Food (starting tomorrow), and I'm now a Brooklyn contributor for Mommy Poppins, a great site for kid-friendly activities in New York City. I recently wrote about bakeries in Brooklyn that serve seasonal sweets and have fun places to play nearby. It was inspired by my food tours which I've taken a break from for now, but plan to start again at some point on a regular basis.

Life is busier than ever, but it feels good to be writing and cooking again. Come back tomorrow and I'll tell you about the best pie in Brooklyn.

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Aline said...

He is the cutest chef I've ever seen!

Unknown said...

Chef, .... can I call you Leo? You look great in your new suit. Better than the dough boy who I also love even if he "does" sell bread in an exploding package. But, is it too soon to get my name and Alba's on a "future" reservation list when you open your first bistro "The Little Piglet" ? ..... Happy 5 !

Uncle "Dave"....

adriana said...

Love the chef. Congrats on all the blogging- can't wait to read your work!

stacy said...

Congratulations on your lovely new baby boy! I've been a longtime reader of your blog, and can imagine how crazy its been the last few months for you. I think of you whenever I make the pumpkin chocolate chip bars you posted about a couple years ago. They always get rave reviews! We moved from Brooklyn to Austin TX, and reading your blog over the years keeps me connected to Brooklyn. THanks!

Lia said...

Aline, David and Adriana, thanks for your kind words and encouragement!

Stacy, it's so nice to know that some of my old readers are still out there! I'm glad I can bring a little bit of Brooklyn to you in Texas.


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