First Food Tour at Nunu Chocolates

Before telling you about my Brooklyn food tours, I was taking all sorts of steps behind the scenes. Spreading the word among Moms I know, reaching out to local businesses, and making a long list of places to include. Putting the idea in writing and sharing it was my first big step. Leading a tour was the second. I can now check both off my list. I'm really doing this.

I've been contemplating this idea for over a year, putting it off out of fear and uncertainty. Now that I've gotten started, I can hardly contain myself. My head, which for so long could only handle Mom-related information, is spinning with ideas. This is still a major work in progress, but I haven't felt this determined by, or dedicated to, a project in a long time. It's refreshing.

My first tour was on Tuesday with Karlyn, who I spent many years with at Food Network, and her son Fox, and Bernadette, who I met in Park Slope soon after having Nico, and her daughter Eileen. Nico stayed home for this one, but he'll be joining my next tour on Monday. Details to come!

Eventually, I hope to make a few stops per tour. Since this was my first, I started small and settled on one (a smart decision considering it takes a long time to get anywhere with a few toddlers in tow).

We met in Park Slope and walked over to Nunu Chocolates on Atlantic Avenue. Opened by husband and wife team Justine Pringle and Andy Laird, Nunu represents everything I love about Brooklyn businesses.

Justine and Andy make all the chocolate themselves in a small kitchen that you can see while relaxing in their cozy space. They didn't know anything about making chocolate when they started and don't have any formal culinary training. To get their business going, they've worked countless hours and multiple jobs over the last few years. They continue to work about 18 hours per day, 7 days a week. When asked if they ever take vacation, Andy told me they took a half day for Thanksgiving. Hearing their story only made me more excited to boast about the good food Brooklyn has to offer, and the incredible people behind it.

With Andy's help, we selected an assortment of treats, including salted caramels, chocolate covered graham crackers, a ganache with organic raspberry puree and another with mezcal chili. All of Nunu's chocolate has a 53% cocoa content which allows it to be sweet, but not overpowering. Everything was delicious and Andy was nice enough to send us home with a few extra samples.

Eileen and Fox were happy to help us taste test, of course.

Nunu also serves coffee, tea, wine and beer and is open from 7am-9pm, every day. You can find their chocolates at various locations throughout Brooklyn, or you can join me the next time I take a group of Moms and kids there. I plan on going back soon!

Nunu Chocolates
529 Atlantic Avenue

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Unknown said...

We had so much fun, Lia! We're looking forward to taking your next tour.

Anonymous said...

Hip Hip Hooray for the next generation of This Little Piglet. We're excited to watch you 'launch' Lia!

Anonymous said...

Brava! Brava! More! More!

Judith said...

Cool, Lia! I hope C, Baby Kane and I can join these in the fall when I'm on leave again. By then I'll probably have to book early to get a slot!

Allison said...

Lia, we look forward to joining your next tour! Congrats!

J.A. Torrisi said...

Lia congrats on your very first tour! This chocolate place sounds divine! I'm so jealous...I wish I lived in the hood. Philly needs you!


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