Ronnybrook Milk Bar & Austin Eats

Some of you thought my last post was depressing. Others found it open and honest. Either way, I'm still in "this city makes me crazy" mode. Not even a Kiefer Sutherland sighting last night could cheer me up. Ok, maybe it did temporarily (I practially floated down 16th street after seeing him), but I'm still battling a bad case of urban blues. Hopefully after a Police concert and trip to Montauk this weekend, I'll feel like myself again.

Until I'm back (and in a better mood), check out my latest posts on Feeding Frenzy.

Ronnybrook Milk Bar: The newest addition to Chelsea Market, this place should not be missed!

Austin Eats: No trip to Austin, TX, would be complete without a visit to The Salt Lick. Now THAT is what I call barbecue.

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Anonymous said...


I LOVE The Salt Lick. Great place.

Also loved the El Bulli posting. I linked to it from my blog, if that's okay by you.

Cheers, and thanks for the great reading.

Lia said...

Jeff: That's fine by me. Thanks for the link!

katiey424 said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed Austin and I'm glad you are posting again!


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