Coffee cupping

If you're a coffee lover (or someone who is trying to learn to love coffee) and you plan on being in Portland, Oregon sometime soon, be sure to stop by The Annex for a lesson in cupping. I was lucky enough to experience one myself during a recent shoot for Dave Does, Food Network's new broadband show devoted to cool culinary trends (launching August 14 on foodnetwork.com).

Used by coffee experts to evaluate the different characteristics of particular beans, coffee cupping might seem scientific and a little intimidating to some. But at The Annex, connoisseurs and those who are clueless coexist. Together they sniff, swirl and slurp cups of freshly brewed coffee, then assign an array of adjectives to describe the fragrance, acidity, body, flavor, and finish.

It makes for a very fun, albeit caffeinated afternoon, not to mention that it's entirely free.

The Annex
3352 SE Belmont Street
Portland, OR

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